Advocate for local business + independent restaurants, wine snob, and lover of all things edible. Starting this blog, for me, was a way to write about the history and culture of dining and food. It is also a place where I can reveal my personal history with food and with family. Writing recipes is a skill I do not possess, but I can wax poetic about an onion for days. I’m no expert, but I love to dine and to try new things and hope you will join me on my epicurean journey!

“Comestible” has two meanings. It is a noun meaning “food item” and a verb meaning “edible”. Example : This here comestible is comestible, Linda. I love words!

Here is what the internet says the origin of the word is :
Late 15th century: from Old French, from medieval Latin comestibilis, from Latin comest- ‘eaten up,’ from the verb comedere, from com- ‘altogether’ + edere ‘eat.’ (How cool is that?)

When I’m not cooking or reading everything I can about the science of silverware, my husband Henry and I love Netflix documentaries and taste-testing port. Yes, we do own some fancy pants.

On our honeymoon in NOLA in 2016!

Bottoms up!

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